LASIT produces the most innovative marking and laser engraving machines.

Since 1990, with over 4,200 customers around the world and hundreds of models.
Developed from simple laser engravers for small quantities to fully automatic complex systems made for customer needs.

Laser marking
Laser has completely changed the traditional marking processes enhancing the quality, accuracy and speed in a surprising way.
We specialize in laser cutting laminate sheets a few tenths up to the plate by a few millimeters and integrated the simple laser engraving machines designed for this application.
Micro Processing
At Lasit, we can offer solutions that are within reach of many so that they can achieve microprocessing that is sometimes an impossibility, and always very expensive with traditional systems.
Our calibration machines regulate the parameters of the individual components, using the laser beam to remove an exact amount of material.
Conformal Removing
Manufacture machines of selective ablation, working exactly and strictly the area to be cleaned, with the advantage that the basic materials are not damaged and no chemical additions.

We offer customized solutions that guarantee efficiency at the highest level, flexibility and cost effectiveness.
Vision Systems
The integration of a vision system allows rapid recognition and automatic centering of the parts that require marking or engraving.
Auto Focus
It is possible to determine instantly the correct focus distance using the smart focus in combination with the joystick.
Transmission lines
We use a conveyor with pvc carpets, metal chain or plastic, indexders pallets, stations for loading and unloading pallets, positioning systems etc.
Automatic feeder
It is possible to integrate power systems controlled by software as automatic unwinding and marking coils, fabrics, metals, etc.
Pick and place
We build systems that allow the handling of parts from the warehouses to the marking station.

Material Processing
Looking for new applications for innovative solutions, we experience continuously new materials that can be engraved or laser cut to meet the needs of our customers.
Laser process
The laser marking process is a type of surface treatment, controlled and localized, which uses the energy of a beam of coherent light at high intensity to “alter” the surface of the engraved material.
The large variety of wavelengths, pulse energies and different lasers, makes it necessary so that a comparative analysis can determine which laser is the most suitable for the specific application.

In many cases the laser engravers are used within a business process and software can be customized accordingly enabling operator interface with a method of data exchange with the ERP. Additionally, the laser engraving machine can be synchronized with a robot using digital signals (I/0), PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and RS232. The laser can be interfaced with a pre-existing PLC system or can be accompanied by a programmed PLC.