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Increase your productivity with our complete laser systems or laser systems for integration.
Increase your productivity with our complete laser systems or laser systems for integration, or configure your own laser marker.

We Have Been Creating Laser Marking Systems for 30 Years

LASIT specializes in the production of complete laser systems, including standalone and integrated. Our laser markers are highly automated, with multiple lasers working together simultaneously, vision systems, and our cutting-edge proprietary software, such as FlyCAD and FlyControl. We become our customer’s partners, innovating our solutions and offering constant support.
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Laser marking solutions

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Our full range of products includes the most advanced laser technologies, like Picosecond, UV, and Femtosecond lasers. We’ll test your products with our lasers for free.

Laser marking applications


Lasers can mark any material. LASIT has a laboratory with 15 different sources to aid in the selection of the best solution for your parts.

Why choose laser marking?


Laser marking is indelible and guarantees product traceability

Laser engraving has a permanent effect on all materials

Laser marking allows us to mark codes and complex designs without any problems

Laser marking is not invasive to the material

Laser marking and laser engraving are the best tools for guaranteeing product traceability and indelible logos.

LASIT laser markers are designed for the customer’s specific needs, from the mechanics to the software.

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