Laser marking for Day & Night applications

Marcatura-ned1 Laser marking Day & Night

Day and Night are backlit electronic components on which a special logo or symbol is made visible through laser marking: they are widely used in the Automotive, Aerospace and Home Appliance industries.

The most common example is automobile buttons, for which Day and Night has largely replaced double component moulding, which is more expensive, less flexible and inaccurate.

Day and Night laser marking technology uses a concentrated laser beam to remove one or more layers of paint until the desired colour is visible and the transparent surface lights up, showing the symbol of the button or reference component. This process is called selective ablation.

For this type of application, the laser beam must not remain too long on the material so as to avoid burning it, but at the same time the layers of paint must be totally removed.

This is why the best lasers are those with very short pulses (from 2 to 10 ns) and very high power peaks.
Specifically, at LASIT we have adopted use of a diode laser, the FlyAir.

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visione-ned-1024x268 Laser marking Day & Night

The main requirements

The companies that work in the production of Day and Night applications usually require very high precision laser marking (since the pieces are very small). For this reason, we have created a specific vision system to capture the piece with a photograph and implement automatic centring. At the end of the process, the position and quality of the marking are checked with the same camera.

It is essential for our customers that the details are defined and meticulously precise, and that is why we have studied specific algorithms to avoid errors such as peeling.

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