FlyFoil Feeder: new frontier under the laser marking on TESA

thumbs-flyfoil-towermark Lasit presents a new laser marking system: FlyFoil Feeder

New laser system for automatically marking and cutting of Tesa films.Lasit has developed a brand new laser system, FLYFOIL FEEDER, for automatically marking and cutting of tesa film tapes. High productivity coupled with the shortest cycle times make this brand new lasit model the ideal machine for laser processing of Tesa.

The core of the system is composed by a large cabinet where marking and cutting processes are effectuated. This cabinet is simply reachable through manual doors with balancers and it can be easily seen through a convenient safety window.

Inside the marking cabinet on the left we find the area where the TESA film is supposed to be charged, in addition with the film feeder. A sensor verifies the presence of the reel but also when the reel has to be changed.

Once charged the reel, the film is transported through the feeding system by an encoder, designed and created by Lasit. The tape is strengthened and guided by 4 cylinders which rotate on ball bearings.

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In the center of the cabinet there is the marking area with the exhaust system. The system comes with the FiberFly active fiber-optical laser, available with different powers. The scanning head is placed on the motorized X axis, in order to guarantee the installation of a Reflex vision system which verifies the marked data.

The automatic feeding system is completely adjustable according to the dimensions of the tape. When the tape is transported inside the marking cabinet, it is fixed on the working plan thank to a vacuum Venturi system.

LASER-LASIT-FOIL-FEEDER-6-01 Lasit presents a new laser marking system: FlyFoil Feeder

Sometimes the tape consists of pieces of film joined together – in this case marking could show some flaws. In order to avoid it, LASIT system is provided with a sensor which recognizes the junction and skips the marking, so that it would not mark a tag on the two different sides of the jointed tape.

Once marked, all the dusts and the material residues due to processing are blown in the exhaust system, designed specifically from LASIT for this application and provided with 5 filters (HEPA and active carbon) in order to guarantee an extreme cleanliness and precision in results.

LASER-LASIT-FOIL-FEEDER-3-1 Lasit presents a new laser marking system: FlyFoil Feeder
LASER-LASIT-FOIL-FEEDER-4-taglio Lasit presents a new laser marking system: FlyFoil Feeder

Cutting system

The production cycle ends with the cutting step, effectuated by a rotating blade which can perfectly cut the marked film thank to a motor with encoder. The marked tape is then transported in the cutting area, where a rotating blade, activated by an encoder too, perfectly cuts the tape. Cutting is precise and assures clean cutting edges. The cutting system is also provided with a oiling system controlled by PLC.

The operator station, situated next to the marking cabinet, is provided with a touch-screen, the integrated controls, keyboard and mouse. Below the cabinet there is the specific conveyor, where the marked tags are released and on which a sensor has been installed in order to verify the presence of the parts.

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