LASIT opens an office in Spain

After the launch of LASIT Poland in 2021, LASIT is broadening its horizons to the International market and turning its gaze westward to the Iberian Peninsula.


Our new headquarters will be located in Zaragoza, Spain, where an excellent manager and his team will lead LASIT in this very important and growing market.

We are continuously working to improve our processes and productivity, streamlining production, and optimizing the chain so that we can provide our customers with the excellent service they are accustomed to.

Today we are ready to expand into the Spanish market, where our customers will finally have a direct contact in the area.

We have embarked on this adventure under difficult conditions, as the economy and the war have not made it an easy choice. We are aware of the risks, but we saw the true value in the opportunities.


In an evolving world, no obstacle has put a damper on our enthusiasm to achieve our objective.

None of this would be possible without the key players in our growth: our customers.

LASIT is grateful to everyone who has placed their trust in us on a daily basis and who consider us a benchmark for laser marking and industrial automation.

With this new location, Lasit will finally be able to guarantee excellent service for its customers, with immediate responses, quick service and constant support. These are just some of the advantages of having a team dedicated solely to this market.


For LASIT, this is another big step toward internationalization.


The headquarters of LASIT LASER Iberica will be in Zaragoza, in the north of the peninsula. It is a strategic location that allows us to connect with all our current and future customers.


We are happy to share this news with all our customers, and everyone who follows us and has in some way experienced the way Lasit has changed and grown.

It is also thanks to you that we have achieved this objective, the first of many.

DSC01171-2 LASIT opens an office in Spain

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