Laser Marking trends

Laser-sguardo2017 Laser Industry trends

At LASIT we have always considered the importance of global industry trends in order to satisfy specific market needs as manufacturing continues to expand worldwide up in  a multitude of industries.


With this in mind, we list some of the most significant trends that the laser marking industry has seen develop over the years.

various-leather-samples-600x380 Laser Industry trends

Laser marking used for personalized leather gifts

Another emerging trend in the laser marking sector is personalization of products and gifts. With many of the newer technologies and lower costs of lasers, now hobbyists and small businesses are able to start job shops and open a business to provide these types of services. This type of service has expanded within the ad specialty sector, decorating leather, garments,  drinkware, pens, many types of gifts both with  metal or organic products suitable for laser marking.


As the laser marking industry continues to grow, and more and more companies and hobbyists are starting to use laser marking systems, we expect custom leather goods to continue to be a strong niche market for the industry.

Natural branding

Finally, one of the most fascinating laser marking trends has been the role that laser systems have played in “natural branding,” a process that uses laser marking to produce brands and tracking information on food products that completely eliminates the need to use stickers.


  • Natural branding has the ability to reduce or eliminate consumables from the packaging (Laser marking water boattles) / labeling process, such as inks, adhesives, paper, liquids and more
  • It is expected that less energy will be used during the process compared to traditional means
  • Marking and tracking of products and other foods will be easier and buyers will appreciate the elimination of adhesives
  • Less plastic materials and other packaging materials will be required which means less waste in the environment.
Salmonella-not-influenced-by-natural-light-labelling Laser Industry trends

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