Laser Marking
on organic materials

MaterialiOrganici Organic materials

When performing a laser marking on organic materials, the CO2 source is the best solution for marking on glass, leather, wood and paper, whereas the YAG laser does not normally deliver satisfactory results for these materials.

Our CO2 lasers can be used quickly and permanently to mark alphanumerics, logos, and bar codes into a variety of materials at high speed.

Among the outstanding features offered by laser marking are improved reliability and productivity respect to the conventional solutions such as ink jet printing.

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Laser engraving on wood

Marcaturalegno-new Organic materials

Laser engraving on wood is the process by which material is removed from the top surface down to a specified depth thank to tight control over laser modulation.

In the case of laser engraving on wood, the effect depends on which type of wood should be engraved. For example, while a maple plaque may give you a lighter engraving, cherry could appear darker and richer.

Comparing to other conventional solutions, such as the ink-jet printing or hot stamping using a die that cannot produce accurate details, a wood engraver provides the user with extreme flexibility and the ability to refine the parts in very high quality.

Laser marking on glass

marcaturavetro-new Organic materials

Laser marking on glass only scores the surface. With the fine laser beam and a rotating axis, even the most detailed pictures, texts and logos can very easily be applied.

This application is typically used for the manufacture of glass wares for the gastronomy and housekeeping sectors. Typical marking contents are company logos as well as calibration marks.

In the same way in the competitive wines and spirits market, the personalization of a glass or bottle allows the consumer to recognize a brand immediately.

Laser Engraving on leather

incisione-cuoio-new-1 Organic materials

Because of its durability and nice contrast, laser engraving on leather is very popular. Genuine leather but also many imitation leather sorts are suited for processing with a laser.

When laser engraving leather is performed, motifs, letters, and designs are burnt into the leather. On the other hand, laser cutting provides extremely precise cutting edges with no fraying of the material

Common applications involve mostly fashion personalization, finishing leather products with logos and designs, or engraving leather bracelets, shoes, purses, or book covers.