Picosecond laser:
why it achieves what other lasers don’t

This fiber laser technology is being increasingly used in many applications and will become even more popular in the future. It was initially conceived for laser marking in the medical and home appliance (cooking division) sectors. Today, it is used on a large scale, as it ensures high quality marking. Even budget becomes secondary.

As for medical device manufacturers, picosecond marking laser ensures black marking without reflections. Moreover, laser marking with picosecond resists citric and nitric passivation cycles (a traditional fiber laser would fail the second test).
As for cooking devices, picosecond laser marking succeeds in chemical and abrasion tests.

Medicale Picosecond laser: why it achieves what other lasers don’t

What makes this type of laser superior?

Not all laser marker manufacturers are using this technology. LASIT is one of the first companies to have experimented it. Having tested it on some components, we have identified the following advantages:

ManopolaForno Picosecond laser: why it achieves what other lasers don’t

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PICOSECOND-LASER Picosecond laser: why it achieves what other lasers don’t

The ultra-short pulse duration allows picosecond laser to mark materials that infrared nanosecond lasers can’t, like micromachining of glass.

Moreover, its almost cold ablation makes it suitable for a wide range of materials and applications. 

This feature minimizes, if not eliminates, heat transmission. Think, for example, about processes in the aerospace sector, in which material heat distortion does not allow laser processes.

Picosecond laser: technical characteristics

Besides quality, picosecond laser ensures durability. Its average duration is of about 100,000 operating hours, and in this time the need for maintenance is almost zero.

This technology ensures such a high performance because of the following technical characteristics:

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