Why LASIT chose Poland

In May 2021, LASIT LASER Polska officially opened in the city of Tychy. LASIT has decided to take the first step towards internationalization. The decision to launch such an important project in this historic period demonstrates the great trust LASIT places in both the people who work with us and in the beautiful Polish nation.


Poland is a country of unstoppable growth. During the most difficult phase of the pandemic, its GDP fell by only 3% (in Italy -9%) and the government distributed 65 billion to businesses and workers to tackle the crisis.

Poland’s main strengths that have attracted our attention are:

Its economic growth is based on the data reported by Confindustria in the March 2020 report. The Polish GDP rose from € 517 billion in 2020 to a forecast € 568 billion in 2021 (Polish government estimate).

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grafico Why LASIT chose Poland

Foreign investments: Italians in Poland

In Poland, foreign companies, which are worth 40% of its GDP, contribute to one third of its capital account. This makes investors understand how the nation is a fertile territory for businesses that want to grow in a young market in every sense.

Italy understood this trend very quickly and our nation is currently in third place for imports and fifth for exports, for a 2019 exchange value of 24 billion Euro. With this in mind, it is not surprising that Italy ranks third in Europe for investments in Poland.

It is reasonable to think that the number of Italian companies in Poland will increase in the coming years. If, initially, they were attracted by the low cost of labor, now this scenario has changed. Poland has a very high level of education and professional qualification, higher than Italy. Also in terms of average hourly wages in Manufacturing, the trend has been growing steadily since 2000.

The mechanical and automotive sector in Poland

The most important sectors in Poland are mechanics, food and digital. Mechanics includes many sectors, first and foremost, Automotive. Currently there are 342 companies operating in this sector with 34 billion Euro in turnover.

Since LASIT is specialized in the production of laser marking systems for the Automotive sector, it is easy to understand why we immediately focused on Poland. There are a myriad of allied automotive sector industries, including laser marking on metal and plastic. From the foundries that are at the base of the supply chain down to the last assembler, each component is laser engraved.

LASIT has also developed various automatic solutions to laser mark car components. In particular, we are specialized in: brake discs, bevel gears, die-castings, brackets, day & night applications for interiors, laser marking of vin codes and on TESA.

autmotive23-1024x628 Why LASIT chose Poland
PA66-GF-Nero-1024x633 Why LASIT chose Poland

The Polish government and companies have already stated their intentions to invest in electric over the next three years, another sector in which traceability is essential. Laser marking cables, PCBs but also all plastic components related to electronics will experience growth in the coming years.  The government also announced the launch of the new national car brand, Izera.

Poland currently has strong automotive ambitions. While it is currently in tenth place in the European Union for the number of cars produced, the goal of the entire supply chain is to climb to reach the top 3 in the next five years. 

White goods laser marking: household appliances in Poland

It is not surprising to learn that sales of large and small household appliances increased in Poland during the pandemic and the lockdown. What will surprise you, however, is that Poland accounts for 40% of the entire EU production of household appliances.

The best home appliance brands have their production sites in this country for a value of 4.8 billion Euro. Germany and Italy rank second and third in the EU.

white-goods-1024x575 Why LASIT chose Poland

LASIT dedicates a large part of its investments in research and development to this sector and, thanks to its customers in Poland, it is studying laser applications in the White goods industry.

An interesting project was POLARIS, a laser marker capable of  3D scanning a component and correcting the laser focus. This is how we solved the problem of irregular component surfaces (such as the fronts of washing machines) and the contrast of the laser marking, which maintains the same quality regardless of the inclination of the piece.

Laser marking in Poland

Today, only 5,900 companies produce machinery in Poland. According to Confindustria, this figure is still low.

Currently most of the industrial machinery is imported from abroad and Italy, in particular, exports about 7% of its total machinery production to Poland .

That’s quite interesting. If Poland’s industrial growth continues, this value is bound to increase.

As LASIT laser Polska opens, LASIT is entering a market in which supply still cannot meet the high demand. Our multinational customers in the area have supported us in the analysis and strategic development phases, highlighting the lack of a supplier such as LASIT in Poland.

polandteam-2 Why LASIT chose Poland

In the coming years we forecast exponential growth for LASIT LASER Polska which has already set important goals for this first year. Thanks to a skilled and qualified team, we have no doubt that we have taken the first step on the road to success.

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