Laser marking
on automotive components

Traceability, transparency and quality are increasingly necessary in the automobile industry. Guaranteeing the highest standard of safety has become an absolutely essential requirement in the sector.

Laser marking of automobile parts guarantees excellent legibility of symbols, data matrix codes and other alphanumeric information.
The contents marked have a very high quality and definition finish, thus representing the most reliable, fastest and safest way of monitoring and checking every production process of the component.

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Laser marking on automotive componets is a permanent trace, ideal for affixing writing, symbols, information and anything else, on any material, very flexibly, quickly and with unexceptionable quality.


Because they chose us


We design and produce customised laser machines, even with extremely complex automations, for laser marking and engraving.


From design to execution, from assembly to delivery, LASIT handles every single process internally without go-betweens, with the excellence and quality of “Made in Italy”.


We execute precision Vision Systems for recognition of the part and verification of the code marked, so as to always guarantee perfect traceability over time.


We offer a very wide range of standard machines for laser marking and engraving, as well as spare parts, so as to meet any request in the shortest possible time.



Free of charge and without any commitment we can provide you with a sample test of your subject marked onto any material you request.

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Software integration for Mes-ERP

Custom solution based on World Class products


Design and implementation of customized software, developed to suit the requirements of the customer with a completely customized and foolproof person-machine interface.


Possibility of advanced integration with MES – ERP systems or simple management programs, communication software or hardware with any testing machine or test stand, test of seal, slotting, measuring, CNC.


All this enables the creation of a traceability system that, starting from the customer’s core-business, can recover the contents of the marking, handle and mark the product, leaving a lasting trace in terms of historic markings and tests made.

Our laser markers are often used within a corporate process and in such cases require full integration. We design applications customized so as to create “turnkey” laser markers, paying attention both to the operator interface and the method of data exchange with the ERP.

Laser marking work can be synchronised with a robot using digital signals (I/O), PROFIBUS, PROFINET, RS232. In the case of integrations, the laser marking unit interfaces with a pre-existing PLC system or will be equipped with a PLC programmed ad hoc. Our engineers are at the complete disposal of customers for developing special applications completely customized on the basis of their requests.

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