Can laser engraving resist shot peening?

Faced with changing traceability requirements and evolving regulations, many vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers are looking for solutions to implement traceability before subjecting components to the peening process. Because traditional direct marking (DPM) is often insufficient, at LASIT we have developed an engraving technology that protects 2D codes from the effects of shot peening.

With our technology and much research, we have been able to go beyond conventional 2D code protection techniques, ensuring that laser markings on components remain legible despite abrasion caused by shot peening while also maintaining the quality of the engraved code. Thanks to this innovation, die-cast components can maintain complete traceability from mold extraction to integration into the assembly line.

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Under normal circumstances, the impact of carbon steel or stainless steel balls on the surface of a component irreversibly erases or ruins codes and alphanumeric characters. However, our innovative laser engraving process effectively solves this problem, ensuring that codes remain clearly legible even after exposure to Shot Peening.

Optimization for Short Production Cycles

To adapt to the tight pace of production cycles, we refined the laser’s parameters and customized its optical components to generate extremely concentrated energy pulses. These specialized pulses enable us to achieve greater depths of marking in a very short time.

Fiber laser with a power of up to 200W has helped many of our customers double the productivity in their factory. And the speed of reading and grading codes in our systems has further sped up this process.

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Online Integration

Within the hostile environment of a foundry, characterized by high temperatures, intense vibration, the presence of water vapor, oil and dust, maintenance problems often threaten production.

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Unlike other solutions, our lasers can operate with minimal maintenance even in these harsh conditions. We also offer complete turnkey solutions, leveraging our extensive experience in die casting plants to ensure smooth and reliable integration.


Of paramount importance in this industry are vacuum systems, which ensure not only the durability of the marking system and its maintenance, but also the health of the operator using it.

LASIT provides powerful, state-of-the-art vacuum systems designed specifically for the hostile environment where die castings are produced to ensure system durability and smooth processing.

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