Micromark G3

Micromark_side_web-1024x1024 MicroMark G3

MicroMark G3 is a compact, functional bench laser marker that is able to meet the most varied production requirements while maintaining relatively low prices. The system is designed to also work with a robot thanks to the electric port. The machine is able to work independently by managing the door opening/closing times through the software.


Furthermore, the structure with opening on three sides simplifies the loading and processing of parts longer than the entire machine.


Included in the system is a PC HP, monitor and both FlyCAD/FlyControl software packages with free upgrades. The marking area from ø140 to ø220mm depending on the lens.


Openings on three sides

MinimargG3Thumbs-Apertura3lati MicroMark G3
MicroMark G3 has been developed with a vertical door on three sides so as to guarantee quick and convenient access to the marking compartment.  You can also mark large details using a machine that is just slightly larger than a small desk. You only need to wear safety goggles to work with the door open.

Integrated system

MinimarkG3-DimensioniRidotte MicroMark G3
On this laser marker, the electrical panel and the laser source are fully integrated into the rear of the machine. In this way we avoid any encumbrance on the workbench. To ensure maximum efficiency, it has an optimal ratio between the size of the work area (590mm) and the external layout (710mm).

Motorized Z axis

MinimarkG3Thumbs-AsseZ MicroMark G3
Positioning is greatly facilitated thanks to the option of using the Joystick, which becomes an essential tool when combined with the SmartFocus system. This allows the operator to quickly find the ideal position for optimal laser marking. It is useful also for laser marking on geometrically complex surfaces with difficult curves or angles).

Compatible Accessories

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Technical features

Working position

Desktop/Stand Up

Working plane size

590X295 mm

Available marking

ø140 with FFL160
ø220 with FFL254

Maximum marking height

200 mm with FFL160
95 mm with FFL254

Tipo di laser

Optic Fiber FiberFly

Maximum weight on the plane

40 Kg

Type of door


Machine size

Height: 835mm
Length: 710mm
Depth: 855mm

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