Laser marking for electronics

Copertina-Marcatura-laser-elettronica Electrical material

Usually, electronics end electronic components are made with an automated process, and laser marking is an integral part of it. In many cases, 2D traceability codes must be applied to tiny components (smaller than 5 mm2).

Laser is the only possible solution to ensure code readability and durability.

Applications for electronics

Plastic is widely used in electronics. Laser marking on plastic components requires extra attention. The smallest change in the amount of substance in the chemical composition can jeopardize the laser engraving quality.

magnetotermico1 Electrical material

Laser Marking circuit breakers and switches

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Laser Marking PCBs

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      Why choose LASIT for marking electronics

      Lasit-componente-elettronica-marcatura-2 Electrical material

      LASIT solutions for marking electronics

      Normally, the ideal laser for marking plastic has very short yet energetic pulses and high peak power.  This way, the material does not liquefy (short pulse), and the imprinting is excellent (high peak power).

      FlyPeak Laser

      The FlyPeak laser revolutionizes laser marking on plastics. It has a very short pulse (up to 4 ns) and high peak power (up to 150 kW). This laser ensures the same results as a UV laser at a price that is 30% cheaper. Additionally, the FlyPeak laser requires little maintenance and lasts longer than a UV laser.

      UV Laser

      UV lasers are extremely popular for processing plastics. They produce optimal results in 100% of cases.  LASIT’s product line includes UV nanosecond lasers (3W and 8W) and lasers with an average power of 1W picosecond.

      Laser Markers

      Rotomark: LASIT’s range of rotary laser markers is ideal for doubling or quadrupling productivity. While the laser marks on a component, the operator is loading the next one.


      RTB: LASIT’s line of rotary laser markers is perfect for doubling or quadrupling productivity. While the laser is marking a component, the operator is already loading the next one.




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