Laser marking and engraving on tools

Metalli01 Cutting tools

Laser engraving tools

The tool industry was one of the first to use laser marking.
On tools, we mark identification codes for traceability, logos, and size and function information.
Since each tool has a precise function, the laser marking process such as engraving cannot change the geometry of the tool even to the slightest degree.

Markings are not raised, very visible, and usually be black. Verification of the marking is another fundamental step as the value of the tool gets higher.

There is a vast array of tools: milling cutters, drill bits, inserts, circular blades and discs, and band saws, just to name a few. We specialize in these applications, designing and developing different laser marking systems over the years.

The LASIT story started with a laser marking project made for ISCAR in the ‘90s.  Today, they are still our clients and our best partners. We have gained enormous experience in this field, with 27 different laser systems made for the various applications of this very extensive and very challenging industry.

Which metals are suitable for laser marking of turning and milling tools?

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Marcatura-Utensili-Taglio-01 Cutting tools

Precision tooling: cutters, drill bits and inserts

The most suitable laser for marking tools is the active Fiber optic laser. The marking process for steel tools is generally annealing: the laser heats the surface of the tool locally, generating an oxide layer, which produces an impalpable black.
In the case of carbide or dark coated materials, it is possible to obtain white, impalpable and high-contrast marking by varying the parameters.

DataMatrix or QR-code marking verification

To ensure the traceability of tools, more and more manufacturers are marking tools with a Datamatrix or QRcode code, containing the logo and functional data.
With a vision system, we are able to centre marking, read it and verify its qualities according to reference standards.
The vision system: depending on the size and geometry of the part to be marked, the vision system can be either TTL (Through The Lens) or side-view.

Grinding wheels and blades

These types of tools are very versatile in terms of application. They can be natural or coated using different treatments.
They can for example be diamond coated – a process necessary to increase their cutting capacity and wear resistance – or else painted to protect them from corrosion.

High-visibility, durable marking is re-quired for these types of products. The most suitable type of laser is our FiberFly, the latest generation laser with active Fiber optic source.

Grinding wheels, blades and discs can be very different sizes. LASIT has developed special solutions to facilitate their handling and marking.

The same system can mark blades and discs with dimensions ranging from 50 to 600 mm. To increase productivity, it is possible to automatically mark dozens of parts simultaneously using palletized systems.

To facilitate the handling of large blades, systems with external loading and ball tables have been created for blade sliding inside the marking compartment.

Lamarotante Cutting tools

The best-selling laser marker in its category, thanks to its competitive price and great versatility in terms of laser-markable components and integration.

This laser marker is ideal for marking 350 or more components a day. CompactMark G8 works with micrometric precision, ensured by its rigid structure.

The rotary table makes RotoMark perfect for marking components with a similar shape. While the laser marks on one station, the other one is loaded with the component, to double productivity.

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