Inserts, milling cutters, tips, blades, taps, countersink tools, and all kinds of cutting tools that can be marked with the laser to create logos, texts, datamatrix features, and QR Codes in order to identify the manufacturer and specific features of the tool.

Brand without any problems, padded metals, stainless steel, tool steel, super fast steel (HSS), alloys, titanium, boron steel and any kind of metal coated.

Do you need to mark or engrave your cutting tools in an indelible way for a perfect traceability over time?

Find out right away what is the ideal laser marker for you. Choose the features you want and we'll take care of the rest!

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Best solutions for the
laser marking on cutting tools

Milling, turning, drilling are all processes that subject cutting tools to strong and constant mechanical stresses. Consequently, the markings of these instruments must also have high precision and resistance characteristics. Laser marking is today the best method to meet these features, offering very high quality, readability and durability in a clean and cost-effective manner.


Laser marking on tools is permanent, and ideal for engraving texts, logos, instructions and much more on any type of material in an extremely flexible, fast and qualitatively unparalleled way.


Because they chose us


We design and produce customised laser machines, even with extremely complex automations, for laser marking and engraving.


From design to execution, from assembly to delivery, LASIT handles every single process internally without go-betweens, with the excellence and quality of “Made in Italy”.


Over 30 years of experience and hundreds of models developed, from simple laser engravers to fully automatic complex systems made for customer needs.



Free of charge and without any commitment we can provide you with a sample test of your subject marked onto any material you request.

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Why buy a laser mark for marking and engraving your cutting tools?

Laser markings applied to milling, perforating and turning tools are distinguished by their excellent durability and flexibility. The flexibility and ease of use typical of laser marking systems make it the best tool for mass production as well as for producing a small number of pieces.


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Why choose a laser machine for marking and engraving on metal components?

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Laser marking in a series of mass-produced items

We create custom pallets for our clients that are useful in automatically marking tools in all shapes and sizes. Every template is tested by our technicians inside the marking machines during the building process in order to obtain the best solution for loading/unloading the pieces to be marked.

Laser marking
on all surfaces

Laser marking processes can be carried out on tools with flat or curved surfaces and on irregular and unusual surfaces as well. LASIT offers laser marking systems for easy, immediate marking of helical and centering tips as well as micro-tips of every size in HSS (hard metal). The characters are perfectly marked on the surface and the contrast is excellent, offering perfect traceability and identification.

No tool

A lot of tools need to be permanently identified, but this process should not damage the material’s characteristics or the surface finish. With our engraving and laser marking systems, excellent results can be obtained without compromising the integrity of the component.



FlyCAD offers a real-time (LiveView) look at the area on the computer monitor in order to place the tool to be marked with ease and precision. In automatic operation mode, which is optional, the search engine of the REFLEX Vision Systemautomatically identifies and locates the tool to be marked and moves the design in order to center it and perfectly position it for marking.

Furthermore, the system checks for the presence and correct assembly of all components. Resetting and placing thin, fragile tools in the center is very easy with the vision system and the flexibility of the programmable viewfinders. The viewfinders can be created directly in FlyCAD and are perfectly adaptable for all kinds of needs.


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