Laser marking for plastic moulding

Laser marking is used to permanently apply marks, codes, logos and other information to plastic products. In plastic moulding, laser marking offers numerous advantages over traditional marking methods such as ink or screen printing.

Advantages of Laser Marking for Plastic Moulding

High precision

The laser offers high precision in marking the finest details on plastic products. It can create fine lines, readable text and high-quality barcodes.


Laser marking creates a permanent mark on plastic that is resistant to wear, chemicals and mechanical stress.


Laser technology can be used on a wide range of plastic materials, including polymers, thermoplastic resins, polyurethanes, PVC and many others.

Cost reduction

Laser marking eliminates the need for consumables such as inks or labels, reducing long-term operating costs.


Laser marking is a fast process that increases productivity and production capacity.

Design flexibility

The laser can mark on different shapes and three-dimensional surfaces, offering greater design flexibility without compromising marking quality.

Laser Marking Applications for plastic moulding


marking of plastic components for identification, traceability and branding.


marking of plastic housings and components for electronic devices.

Medical industry

Marking of medical devices, equipment and plastic components for traceability and safety purposes.


marking of components such as tubes, test tubes and syringes, which require high precision and compliance with standards.

Home appliance

marking of moulded components for household appliances, such as washing machine fronts, ovens, knobs and many others.

LASIT specialises in laser marking of plastics, with different laser sources and parameters long studied and optimised to guarantee an excellent result.

In addition to laser sources, LASIT has developed several automatic laser systems for marking plastics that simplify the production line and increase the efficiency of the customer’s production. In this way, we are always able to guarantee the best result both mechanically and software even where production lines are more complex.

stampaggio-plastiche-prodotti-medicali-1024x546 Laser marking for plastic moulding

Which lasers are best for marking moulded plastic components?

There are different lasers for marking plastics and the choice of one or the other depends very much on the effect we want to achieve on the component and the desired performance.

The conventional fibre laser Fiberfly marks on 80% of plastics, but if we want to achieve burn-free marking, the ideal is to choose its variable pulse version, the MOPA laser.

The Flypeak laser (green laser) is the ideal laser for paint removal, especially with Day&Night applications. This laser combines high peak power with a much shorter pulse duration than other lasers, while maintaining the same average power. The effect will be hyper-precise marking, without any micro-burns or smears.

The UV laser is the source that reacts best with plastics, with the widest range of applications in relation to the quality of the result. It is mainly used in medical and household appliances. Finally, for sprue cutting applications we use the CO2 laser for its photo-thermal properties.

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