Wood Laser Engraving

The best solution for laser marking on wood

iMMAGINE-Legno Wood

Laser engraving is a high-precision process. We guarantee optimal results even with ornamental and complex patterns.

Here at LASIT we offer a full range of engraving, cutting and laser marking on wood.
LASIT develops the TTL and Reflex vision systems  internally. You can use these systems to easily identify the parts and carry out laser engraving and cutting with extreme accuracy and precision.

The FlyCO2 is the ideal laser engraving machine for woodworking. Extremely compact and modular, it can be fully integrated into any production line. FlyCO2 is designed for high productivity while at the same time reducing operations costs. Compared with other solutions, link ink-jet, it is the best choice.

We find the best laser solution only for you.

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Laser carbonization always produces a darkening of the wood that has been marked. Wood bonds are broken and carbon is released during this process. The resulting discoloration ranges from gray to bluish gray to black.

legno Wood
Cattura Wood

LASIT laser cutting systems are ideal solutions for cutting and engraving different material thicknesses and combinations in one step.  Laser cutting on wood is the best solution to obtain fine contours and practically radius-free inner contours. No chips are produced during this process.

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