The Laser engraving for Military Industry

weapons-01 Military industry

In the military industry, laser engraving on firearms is required by law for traceability purposes. Both the serial number and logo must be marked.

Variable-pulse fiber lasers (MOPA) allow for deep engraving and surface marking with an excellent finish. That’s why it’s so widely used. Laser-engraving technology ensures long-lasting results regardless of the material. Still, the best ones are obtained on steel and aluminum (anodized or painted).

LASIT advantages for the military industry


Our FlyCAD software generates all traceability codes and logos, even importing them into a vector format. Outsourcees can easily handle different logos, codes and layouts.

LASIT also develops custom software that has an integrated interface with MES/ERP systems.

MOPA laser

Besides all the advantages of the standard fiber laser, this new technology ensures increased aesthetics for logos and decorations, thanks to the pulse adjustmen.

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Powerful suction system
Aspiratore Military industry

Laser engraving generates dust. That’s why a suitable filtering system must be ensured. LASIT decided to manufacture this system in-house, customizing it based on the 30+ years of experience in this sector.

Vision system for 2D and OCR code
SistemaDiVisionelateale-01 Military industry

We at LASIT are specialized in the integration of systems that check the quality of alpha-numerical codes (OCR) or bi-dimensional codes (QR/DMC). All LASIT markers can be integrated with one system or the other or with both.

W axis with motorized tailstock
contropunta Military industry

To laser mark long and cylindrical items, such as rifle barrels, we developed a rotary system with a motorized tailstock that can mark heavier items while rotating.

LASIT solutions for the military industry