Ecological, eco-sustainable laser marking:
Italy is getting Greener

ECO Ecological laser marking: Italy is getting Greener

Is Italy Green? A general outlook

Ecological laser marking really can represent the future of the marking equipment industry. The 12th edition of “GreenItaly” was presented on September 20th. Prepared by Fondazione Symbola and Unioncamere, this report measures and weighs the strength of Italy’s Green Economy. This edition was anxiously awaited since Italy is the biggest beneficiary of the EU’s Recovery Plan resources and, because of this, is counted on to be a leader in the green transition.


Over the last five years, the 441 thousand businesses which have aspired to go Green are the ones that export the most, innovate the most, and create the most jobs. Once again this demonstrates how being innovative pays. LASIT proved this first-hand with the advent of Industry 4.0 and the enormous digital step forward our company has undergone these last few years.


Despite the terrible economic crisis caused by COVID, even in 2020 investments and jobs in the environmental sector have remained balanced. The Green trend began before the pandemic hit. Its positive curve has been confirmed now that the situation appears more stable.

Is laser marking ecological?

Laser marking is the most ecological technology for engraving a permanent trademark on a product, regardless of the material.

Thousands of companies have chosen laser marking to replace inkjet and pad printing. More than 20% of systems using traditional technologies have been replaced and the transition phase is seeing more and more companies focus on laser marking for a more ecological solution.

Consumables, like colored ink, are pollutants and are difficult to dispose of. Furthermore, the cost of disposal is a significant financial burden on company financial statements.

These substances are harmful to people who work with them in two different ways. Firstly, they have been traced to damages to the respiratory system when too much is inhaled.

Moreover, some people experience damages to their skin due to repeated contact (even if accidental).

Ecological, environmentally-friendly laser marking requires no consumables, eliminating disposal costs. Compared to a few years ago, now lasers can be used to get any effect when marking metals or engraving plastics.

Considering safety, as discussed in this article, there are no safety risks with laser marking.

In an increasingly Green and ecological Italy, laser marking technology has become the star of traceability and appearance. This article discusses how laser marking and laser etching work from a technical viewpoint; whereas, a discussion of Industry 4.0 can be found here.

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Italy and recycling: is Italy eco-sustainable?

Italy recycles more than Germany. Home to pizza and pasta, Italy currently holds the record, recycling 79.3%, while the European average is 39.2%. In terms of sustainability and circular economy, Italy as a country is in a good place and intends to do better.

Among the stories presented by Symbola at the Green conference on October 20th, 2021, the biodynamic market (where Italy is the largest European exporter) and organic market (Italy is the European leader in terms of number of certified companies) stand out. Italy was the first to experiment with bioplastics for supply in bicycle components across Europe.

Industry 4.0, IoT and Green development

IoT is becoming a prominent part of our lives and our daily routines, even if the technical issues are very complex to manage. At this point, those who work in the sector tend to have limited data, but, even if it is an uphill battle, it is a constant progressive movement and there is no going back.


In the industrial world, Industry 4.0 and man-machine interaction are taking giant steps forward. In Italy, these processes benefit from numerous national stimulus packages for the purchase of instrumental goods, including laser markers, and tax incentives the State guarantees for a Green and eco-sustainable turnover in company processes. LASIT has made significant investments to this end, especially with the renovation of its new location, where the Green focus continues to guide the company’s choices.


There are no limits to what a laser can do and there are no limits to what LASIT can do with a laser.  

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