Laser marking on foils and paint

Vernici-01-2 Foils and paints

Laser marking on foils and paint has completely replaced screen printing in many applications, especially in producing pieces for “day & night” applications. Laser marking gives you precise control over the amount of material you remove.

Laser marking on foils and paint gives you the ability to precisely define the size of engraved lines and improve the definition of corners, resulting in an enhanced appearance and a significant boost in productivity.

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Laser marking on paint

Laser marking precisely removes and carbonizes extremely thin paint layers from a wide variety of materials. When using a paint laser engraving machine, a bit of the material is ablated from the surface. The laser penetrates the surface and removes a piece of it, creating a depression.

Laser marking on foils

Lasers make precise cuts in record time, even when working with the smallest pieces. Edges come out clean and clear. Laser cutting does not apply any pressure on the foil or film. The entire process is contactless and faster than any other cutting system. In addition, laser cutting is perfect when you need to work on multilayer foils and films. You can use it to cut a number of layers, such as support films, adhesive films and cover films, in a single step.

Day&Night application

Day & night laser marking is for backlit plastic-covered electronics and is widely used in the automotive industry — for car switches and buttons — and for consumer electronics. Selective ablation removes surface layers from multilayer-coated, transparent parts until the desired color is exposed.