Laser MOPA
More readable laser marking on plastics and metals


The MOPA laser allows marking plastics with more readable and higher contrast results, mark (anodized) aluminium in black or reproduce colours on steel. In addition, the MOPA laser marks with just as high a quality level, but is often faster than a fibre laser.

Main features

Reliability and Security

With the MOPA laser, pulse duration can be selected from a range of preset values between 4 and 200 ns. The MOPA laser is one of the most flexible lasers on the market and can be used for a wide range of applications: as far as pulse duration is concerned, it can simulate the characteristics of a traditional fibre lasers (relatively long pulses) and those of solid state lasers (relatively short pulses) such as Nd:YAG or Nd:YVO4 (vanadates).

Wavelength: 1064 nm

With short duration pulses and low pulse energy, for example, the material is less heated and the area exposed to heat is reduced. This translates into more advantages and the ability to perform laser marking on metals and plastics.

  • Fewer burns/meltings around the engravings on metal;
  • Less heat development during metal marking annealing resulting in improved corrosion resistance;
  • Controlled melting of plastics;
  • Less foam development on plastics;
  • Smoother markings that often have greater contrast on some types of plastic.

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