TowerMark X

TowerMark_X_side_shadeless TowerMark X

The TowerMark X is an extremely versatile and configurable laser marking machine in order to meet a wide range of needs. It can be equipped with different types of laser sources.

The main feature of the TowerMark X is an innovative system that moves the laser along the X and Z axes, allowing for the marking of individual pieces in all different sizes as well as – and especially – pallets as long as 600 mm x 170 mm. 

This is done in such a way so as to not obstruct the work area of the marking machine at all and to utilize all available space.


High Productivity

TowermarkX-produttivita-elevata TowerMark X
The useful stroke of the X axis is 500 mm and this allows you to increase the marking area to 600×100 mm so as to automatically mark both very long parts without moving them, or pallets with hundreds of small objects.


TowermarkX-AsseRotante TowerMark X

Towermark X is equipped to upgrade with the TTL vision system, ideal for laser marking on very small details, where extreme precision and high definition are required. Inside the marking booth a rotating axis can be installed for marking cylindrical parts.

Mark details up to 400 mm

TowermarkX-PezzoMassimoMarcare TowerMark X

TowerMarkX’s Z axis allows marking, in the standard version, details up to 400 mm. The sliding guide uses ball bearings and ensures speed, precision of movement, excellent rigidity and durability. The Z axis is fully programmable with FlyCAD and you can automatically mark different parts of the design at different heights.

Compatible Accessories



Rotating Axis






Metal Sheet


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      Technical features

      Working position

      Stand Up

      Working plane size

      750X575 mm

      Available marking

      ø140 with FFL160
      ø220 with FFL254
      ø290 with FFL330

      Maximum marking height

      400 mm with FFL160

      Tipo di laser

      Optic Fiber or MOPA

      Maximum weight on the plane

      120 Kg

      Type of door

      Manual or Pneumatic

      Machine size

      Height: 2200 mm
      Length: 880 mm
      Depth: 870 mm

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