TowerMark Z

The TowerMark is an extremely versatile laser marking machine and can be used both manually and in combination with a robot for loading/unloading. All components are housed inside the cabinet below which is part of the main structure. The laser system can be moved easily with a pallet jack or is also available with wheels.

The door can be both manual and pneumatic. The large viewing glass and interior lighting system provide a clear view of the objects to be engraved and simplify their positioning. The working area is 750x570mm and the marking area ranges from 100mm up to ø310mm depending on the choice of lens . The Z axis, operated by the FlyCAD marking software provides for marking of various thicknesses from 0 to 450 mm.


Motorized Z axis

The Z axis of TowerMark Z is controlled by a motor with an encoder. The useful stroke is 450mm with lens with a ø140mm marking area. The sliding guide is a circle of balls and mounts 2 skids instead of the more traditional single element for a more precise movement.


The Towermark Z is designed for the immediate upgrade of several elements: the TTL vision system to mark small products; the rotary axis for cylindrical parts; a table with 300mm stroke to increase the work area; a high-definition side-view system and a sheet-holder for thin plates.

X axis add-on

TowerMark Z is both mechanically and electrically designed to be fitted with an X axis upgrade for moving the head along a 500mm axis so as to achieve a total marking area of 600x100mm. The machine can thus have greater productivity when required.

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Compatible Accessories

Technical Features

Working Position

Stand Up

Working Plane Size

750460 mm

Available Marking Areas

ø140 con FFL160
ø220 con FFL254
ø290 con FFL330

Maximum Marking Height

450 mm with FFL140

Type of Laser

Optic Fiber or MOPA
20-30-50-100 W

Maximum weight on the plane

100 Kg

Type of Door

Manual or Pneumatic

Machine Size

Height: 2050 mm
Length: 840 mm
Depth: 835 mm

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