Towerslide X

towerslide Towerslide X

Towerslide X is a linear, parallel processing laser marker ideal for increasing output without sacrificing convenience or flexibility. Its compact size makes it easy to place, even in small spaces.

The laser marker is designed to mark parts, optimizing the loading/unloading process with a working table assembled on a pneumatic slide that moves in and out of a marking cabinet.

Specifically, part of the working table is constantly inside the marking cabinet, while the other part is always outside the marker unit.

This lets the operator easily load and unload the parts on the table outside the machine. Meanwhile, inside the cabinet, the laser is already marking another part for an optimized production cycle. Additionally, because it is so user-friendly, this laser marker is great for marking pallets of parts continuously or in a single load.

For safety, while marking, the side doors are closed by the two panels attached to the middle and sides of the working table near the openings.


The X-axis also lets you use the full width of the working table, since it can mark on the entire available area.

To meet the demands of customers that require double output, LASIT can equip this laser marker with two sources, giving it the ability to mark twice the number of parts in the same cycle.

Main features

Double output

With this laser marker you can load the pallet outside the machine while the previous pallet is being marked inside. Boost output by integrating two lasers inside the machine, marking twice the number of components in the same cycle.


Towerslide X can mark components with different shapes and sizes. Loading and unloading is easy, and the machine has three stations: one for loading, one inside the cabinet, and one outside where the operator picks up the marked parts. The integration of the X-axis lets you use the full width of the working table and mark over its entire area.

Easy to use

Compared to a carousel system, which has a side entry for pre-setting activities, Towerslide X also has a front entry that is convenient for marking individual pallets quickly and easily. The laser marker is quite compact and can be integrated with the rotating axis for marking the entire circumference of cylindrical parts.

Compatible accessories

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Technical features

Work position


Markable area

600 x 100 mm 

with focal distance FFL160

Exhausting system


Laser type

All lasers with Fiber source

Door type

Manual with balancers


Height: 2,230 mm

Width: 2,950 mm

Depth: 1,250 mm

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