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Wood industry

Best laser solutions for the wood industry

LASIT manufactures laser engraving machines for wood that are ideal solutions for marking,
cutting and engraving all types of wood. With our laser engraving machines
it is possible to carry out unlimited manufacturing solutions for soft, hard and painted
woods and thus for a wide range of products: accessories, industrial tools,
gift articles, decorative items, souvenirs, labels, furniture and so on.

  • Find out the advantages of the wood laser engraving

    Here in LASIT we offer a full range of marking, cutting and engraving solutions that allow for excellent wood engraving.

    Furthermore, with the TTL and Reflex vision systems, completely developed by LASIT, one can easily identify the parts and carry out laser cutting and engraving with extreme accuracy and precision.

    The advantages of wood laser marking, cutting and engraving are various:

    • Laser marking process is much more flexible and versatile than hot stamping using a die

    • No chips, therefore no cleaning of the machine surrounding necessary

    • Extreme precision of the laser cut of profiles

    • Laser cutting of extremely fine contours and practically radius-free inner contours

    • Contactless cutting, therefore no stressing or damaging of the material

    • No clamping necessary of the part to be marked, cut or engraved

    • Laser cutting and laser engraving of different material thicknesses and combinations in one process step



    The FlyCO2: the ideal laser for wood engraving

    The FlyCO2 is the ideal laser engraving machine for woodworking.
    Extremely compact, modular, it can be fully integrated into any production line.
    Comparing the other conventional solutions – such as the ink-jet printing – FlyCO2 is designed
    for high productivity while at the same time reducing operation costs.




      Laser process
      of carbonization
      on wood

      Laser carbonization always produces a darkening of the wood that has been marked. Wood bonds are broken and carbon is released during this process.
      The resulting discoloration ranges from gray to bluish gray to black.


    • Flexibility and traceability
      in all the manufacturing processes

      With our laser engraving machines it is possible to immediately carry out complex marks and cuts on wood, with absolute precision and versatility.

    • legno-laser-marcatura-incisione-taglio-incisore-macchina-marcatrice-marcatore-lasit-3
    • One of the main advantages of laser marking process is that it provides the user with extreme flexibility. Dynamic and/or serial codes, Datamatrix features, QR Codes allow for the perfect traceability of all the mass-produced items that require an unique identification.

      Our laser marking software, FlyCAD, allows for the communication with industrial databases where it finds for each tool the corresponding code to be engraved on wood.

      Obsolete methods such as hot stamping using a die are not by any means adaptable for this particular machining on wood because they do not ensure the versatility and flexibility of the laser engraving and marking process.

    • marcatura e incisione laser legno


    • Laser cutting
      on wood

      LASIT laser cutting systems are ideal solutions for cutting and engraving of different material thicknesses and combinations in one process step.

      Wood laser cutting and wood engraving are the best solution if one wants to carry out extremely fine contours and practically radius-free inner contours, and no chips are produced during this process.


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