LASIT opens a Branch in Germany

LASIT is expanding its horizons in the international market and turning its attention to the most industrialized nation in Europe, where it will finally establish a commercial and service hub for its customers, ensuring excellent service.

Our new branch will be located in Tuttlingen, where an outstanding manager and their team will lead LASIT in an extremely significant and continuously growing market, the German one. We are continually working to improve our processes and productivity, streamline production, and optimize the supply chain to provide our customers with the excellent service they are accustomed to.

Lasitlaser-Germania-1024x683 LASIT opens a Branch in Germany

Today, we are ready to expand ino the German market, where our customers will finally have a local point of reference. In an ever-evolving world, no obstacle has stopped our enthusiasm to achieve this goal. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the key players in our growth, our customers. LASIT is grateful to all those who place their daily trust in us and consider us a reference point for laser marking and industrial automation.

For LASIT, this represents another significant step forward in internationalization.

The LASIT LASER Deutschland branch will be strategically located for connections with all our current and future customers, in Tuttlingen, in the southern part of the country.

We are delighted to make this announcement to all our customers, to those who follow us and have in some way witnessed our transformation and growth. It is also thanks to you that we have achieved this goal, the first of a long series.


LASIT opens a Branch in Germany

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