2020 LASIT online trade fair

From 19 to 23 October

If it’s true that our 2020 plans have been all messed up, it is also true that we had the chance to reinvent ourselves and find new ideas and inspiration.

We found a way to remain close to people while respecting social distancing rules, without losing our proverbial warmth and hospitality.

Forget about the barriers and limitations of a traditional trade fair. Now, you can visit us directly while sitting comfortably at your desk (no facemask needed!)

Macchine-Composit-New 2020 LASIT online trade fair

Virtual Trade Fair: 0 costs, 100% safe

LASIT virtual trade fair saves you from the all the hustle and bustle of an in-person trade fair. All the stress related to travel, accommodation, running late, and foot pain will be a long-lost memory. Get ready to be catapulted into our world, where you can see:

What should you expect?

A member of our sales team will guide you, as if you were at the stand.

They will mark gadgets live with a phrase, name or date of your choice.

What will happen after the trade fair?

There’s room for more. Technology is important and we are experts in this field, but there’s a surprise for you at the end of the trade fair:

We will ship you a laser-marked gadget and a gastronomic gift from our wonderful land to make your day sweeter.

VirtualFair2020-08 2020 LASIT online trade fair
Slide-mobile-fiera-Virtuale-mobile-01 2020 LASIT online trade fair
How to participate

That’s why we have divided the event (from 19 to 23 October) into time slots so that you can book your virtual visit based on your convenience.

Click here and choose when you want to join the LASIT team!

Meet Maria Grazia, Giò, Chiara, Rosanna, Tina, Ciro and Mario, who will guide you in this unique experience, where technology blends with the care we have for people. Be safe, get comfortable and enjoy this free event!

LASIT virtual EXPO has been amazing, everyone felt welcomed and cuddled like he was physically with us.
I thank all the team who realized this beautiful project and all the visitors, who are now waiting for the fantastic surprise!

Here we have the best moments of this week

fieravirtuale-gruppo-1024x768 2020 LASIT online trade fair

Here some of the reviews of our visitors

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