New for laser marking

in the jewelery sector

The issuing of the Note n. 82934 of 03/23/2016 of the Minister of Economic Development will give gold and silver manufacturers new tools for laser marking of  valuables. In fact starting from now they can substitute the traditional punching of precious metals with laser marking, in order to engrave their official trademarks. Every company can choose between either employing only traditional marking, or laser marking, or both.

Token USB

All the industries owning their trademark can employ laser marking after sending an application to the Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, the industry representative will have to make a request in order to obtain some devices for laser punching called “USB Token”.
LASIT offers to its customers the opportunity to apply their trademarks on their valuables thanks to its laser marking and engraving systems. In fact USB Tokens can be easily read with LASIT system, once upgraded the software. Relating to punching method, laser marking provides an better readability and high quality engravings. Moreover, laser marking is much faster and less dangerous for the valuables: it would be thus possible to perfectly mark the tiniest jewels, such as rings, earrings, and necklaces in an easy, precise and fast way.


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  Publication date: 08/06/2016