LASIT will be
at STOM Exhibition 2021

stom-tool-logo-pjhowrbnmqcnes7zbvuxbr0p302jlapr9gfikbcz18 STOM - Kielce, Poland 2021

From 19th to 21st of October
Targi Kielce S.A. Zakładowa 1 Kielce, Poland

LASIT Laser Polska, will be present at the STOM Expo 2021 with its best laser marking systems. You will be able to make laser marking on your components and see our operative systems.


Moreover, you will customize your gadgets as you like the most, using our lasers.

Our sales technicians will be available to go into detail of the most interesting topics for companies and entrepreneurs in the mechanics industry:

fiera-05-694x1024 STOM - Kielce, Poland 2021

Laser marking systems at STOM

This high productivity system is extremely compact and precise, made completely in steel and equipped with XYZ Axis with a marking area of 600×450 mm.

This is the most versatile laser marker that LASIT designed. It can be integrated with different accessorizes and configured for different applications.

mockup-polaroid-1-1024x700 STOM - Kielce, Poland 2021
LASIT Award for its customers

Because this year we will be not able to bring our typical products we have decided to have a special gadget.

For all the participants of the Expo who will buy the laser marker during the Expo or in the following 4 weeks LASIT will offer a weekend for 2 people in Sorrento Peninsula!

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