Test Parameters

FlyCad parameters test is a very useful tool which helps the operator in the choice of the marking parameters.

If you have to mark for the first time an object and you do not know the result you would like to obtain, instead of marking several times the same thing you can run a parameters test.

Follow the steps below.

  • Draw whatever object. In order to better evaluate the result you can either mark a filled object (for example a square or a rectangle) to see the filling effect or an object in outlines to see the line effect.

Let us draw as an example a square. Select it and click on the Hatch icon in the toolbar to fill it. Select then the pattern from the menu.

  • Clicking on Job Properties – Template in the jobs’ tree, you can select TEST LASER PARAMETER in Properties of features. This will allow you to choose 2 out of the 4 marking parameters (speed – frequency – power – repetitions) giving some reference values. According to the number of the values you choose for each parameter you will get the same number of respectively rows and columns, which will form a matrix. You can select the distance between rows and columns – if you do not do this the software will automatically display the cells according to an optimal value.

  • In this example we have chosen speed and frequency as parameters and then we have assigned the values.

    Once marked you will see all the results, so you can choose which one fulfils your requirements.

    Please watch the video you will find here if you want to see the procedure in details.

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