LASIT will be present at
EMO Exhibition in Hannover

18 - 23 SEPTEMBER 2023
Hannover - Hall 016, Stand E03

LASIT will be present at the EMO Exhibition – Hall 016,  Stand E03 – with three operating systems and many innovations for marking and engraving various applications in various industries.

Furthermore, our technicians will be available to deepen topics of greatest interest:

lasit-will-be-at-EMO-hannover EMO - Hannover 2023
lasit-will-be-present-at-EMO-hannover EMO - Hannover 2023
EMO-hannover-2023-1 EMO - Hannover 2023

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Find out all the details and applications
of our laser markers

Tower Shuttle X is a laser marker equipped with XZ axes for laser marking of large components, loaded onto the table with a robot. It is a stable and ergonomic system, which can also be customized by mounting the laser head mounted at 90°. In this way we can quickly and easily mark on the side surface of the components.
Bemark is the perfect choice if what you need is a benchtop laser marker. Compact and functional, Bemark can be adapted to your specific laser marking needs. Despite its small size, it offers excellent quality and functionality.
With very high productivity, this laser marking machine is made of welded steel with 3 axes to which we can add the rotating head and the C axis. It is the ideal marker for marking pallets with small components that require high precision. The steel of the structure makes it rigid and reliable. It is the LASIT product most loved by those who mark many components in a single cycle.

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