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Up to 4 loaders with ordered loading and bespoke software. Tags have never been so precious.


PenFeeder is an automatic system for laser marking cylindrical components. It can mark up to 1800 pieces per hour.

Washing panels

Aesthetic laser marking on washing machine fronts: a great success in research and development.

Die castings

The rotary table works while the machine is running. The same goes for laser marking and the verification of die-castings


A robot positions the differential, and the shuttle accompanies it to the cabinet. Loading has never been this easy.


Two processes in one workstation. Doubled productivity for those who manufacture turbochargers

Brake discs

Its mechanics and software are made specifically for marking brake discs, with a roller conveyor to automate the process

Conical gear

Its rotary table helps double productivity. Ideal for automatic conical gear marking


Its extractable trolley and automatic recognition allow you to mark up to 5 shafts at the same time

Peelable (Tesa)

One automatic system for cutting and marking peelable films ready for use

Die castings

The laser marker with record-breaking size and performance for the robotic laser marking of die-cast components.

Thumbs-RTB-G2 Products by Application


Its rotary tilting table allows you to laser-mark 4 sides of plastic components in one step


Automatic conical gear marking and lateral magazines with a roller conveyor for loading/unloading components

Dental prostheses

You can mark cylindrical components while sitting comfortably by rotating them by 360 degrees.


A closed loop rotating carousel for continuously marking tools of different sizes

Cylindrical bars

Double workstation to mark cylinders while the machine is running, thereby optimizing time

Kitchen hoods

Falmec has chosen LASIT’s speed and precision for its kitchen range hoods

Electrical Composants

This laser marker is ideal for electrical components and will allow you to boost productivity while saving money

Electrical composants

The machine in which the spotlight is on the conveyors that you can adjust based on the components. A perfect example of LASIT versatility

Large components

A giant that fits into small spaces and moves easily, thanks to its retractable doors.

Ball Transfers

Omnitrack has reduced its production costs by 30% thanks to this bespoke marker.

Circular blades

Heavy or bulky components can be loaded safely and easily

Production line

Its small dimensions allow it to be inserted into any production line