FlyPump: marking cylindrical details is no longer a problem!

FlyPump-news-01 New Fly Pump for laser engraving of cylindrical articles

This is a customized laser marker with two stations, designed for engraving cylindrical items, optimising marking times and reducing down times.

The new Lasit laser marking and engraving system is distinguished for the presence of some typical elements:

  • XZ axes system for moving the head between the two marking compartments
  • Double vertical chuck and head rotated at 90° for marking also very high cylindrical items
  • Structure in welded steel, stretched and milled guarantee stability and precision in the marking processes

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The FlyPump is ideal for the laser engraving of cylindrical and high items, like submersible pumps.
The marker is based on the LASIT tested gantry system with axes XYZ. Axis X (stroke 700mm) makes it possible to move the laser between the two marking positions, right and left. Axis Y (stroke 100mm) makes it possible to focus on pipes with a diameter of between 1 and 200mm. Axis Z (with stroke 700 mm) makes it possible to mark very high or bulky pipes.
The two ø100mm (optionally Ø160mm) chucks are servocontrolled and have a resolution of 39936 steps/revolution: they enable continuous marking along the circumference.

The dual station structure enables great improvement, optimising the cycle times of the marking process, by acting on the reduction of loading and unloading times: in fact, after a first component has been loaded in a station and the marking booked, another item can be placed in the second station while the marking process is still taking place. When engraving is finished, the first door opens and the item marked can be taken out immediately and replaced with a new one.
Thumbs-FlyPump New Fly Pump for laser engraving of cylindrical articles
foto-2 New Fly Pump for laser engraving of cylindrical articles

Controlling the quality of the laser marking

The FlyPump laser marker is fitted with an instrument that favours quality control.
The mirror placed inside the two stations makes it possible to control the laser engraving process with a vision at 360 degrees without having to remove the item from the marking compartment.

What is more, the webcam located underneath the laser head is directly connected to the PC and shows the marking process in real time.

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