What does the price of a laser marker depend on?

Following the success of our article how to choose a laser marker: 10 guidelines to avoid mistakes, we decided to look deeper into this matter. Today, we’ll talk about what makes the price of these systems and where added value stands within this technology.

The source

First of all, if we talk about laser markers, we need to make a distinction between lasers integrated into a production line and marking systems with an integrated laser.

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The type of laser source influences the price. UV marking lasers are much more expensive compared to traditional fiber lasers.

You also need to consider the power (Watt) of the laser, which can considerably influence the total price. For example, a 20 W laser is slightly more affordable than a 30 W laser (usually 10% less).

LaserLuceRossa What does the price of a laser marker depend on?

Red light laser

LaserLuceVerde What does the price of a laser marker depend on?

Green light laser

LaserUV What does the price of a laser marker depend on?

UV Laser

The materials that make up the machine

The second parameter to consider is the structure of the system in which the source is inserted. Laser marker frames are usually made of aluminium, steel or, rarely, granite. Steel and granite are the best materials in terms of precision and/or speed and are more affordable.

Structural components of the machine

Based on the requests and application, the machine structure changes to be more efficient and productive. The most requested and recommended components are the following:

struttura-macchina What does the price of a laser marker depend on?
Rotary Table

Thanks to its different workstations, this component loads another pallet while the previous one is being marked.

Roller conveyor or belt

Workpieces are conveyed to the machine automatically. This way, the operator is not involved in the various steps of the production chain.

Automatic magazines

Magazines can store hundreds or thousands of workpieces. This way, processes can go on for hours without involving the operator. 


Robots facilitate the loading of bulky workpieces or the movement of the laser head. They can also position or mark components in impossible positions.


By moving the whole surface, they facilitate the loading of bulkier components and protect doors and the laser marker cabinet from blows.

Number of axes

The head moves on the surface through the axes. Marking possibilities change considerably from axis Z to axes X and Y.

Every component consists of different parts and can be fitted with various accessories. Therefore, how can we establish the price without digging deeper into the characteristics of each one of them? However, we can state that these elements are an important part of the economic value of a laser marker.


Accessories are another major variable. They optimize the laser incision system and are needed for some specific applications, such as the rotary axis and the 3-axis laser head.

Asse-rotante-diretto-01 What does the price of a laser marker depend on?
Rotary axis
Assew What does the price of a laser marker depend on?

Based on the axis movement, the component can be marked in more than one point, even where the surface is irregular

Rotary head
TestaRotante What does the price of a laser marker depend on?

This component is used to mark tilted surfaces or surfaces with complex shapes. It’s also used to make engravings on different angles without moving the workpiece.

Vision system

This system is ideal for self-centering the marking on the item to be engraved and check the quality of the Datamatrix code. 

3-axis laser head

This component ensures quality markings on cylindrical surfaces. LASIT was the first company to develop it in the 1990s.

Autofocus system
AutoFocus-1 What does the price of a laser marker depend on?

This system is important for applications that need geometric tolerance of the parts to be marked. It also helps find the correct focus distance automatically.

Exhaust system

Smoke or particulate resulting from the engraving must be extracted. LASIT has developed an extractor particularly useful for die-castings.

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