Laser Marking and Engraving of Automotive Components

Supplementary laser marking, designed for installation on a more extensive automatic production line. It is particularly suited for laser engraving of automotive components.

Its characteristics are:

  • Easy to install thanks to division into blocks
  • Possibility of insertion in any production line
  • IPG active fiber optic laser, maximum perfection and speed of engraving, duration over 100,000 hours

Simplicity of installation

The marker is fitted with a Z axis with a stroke of 300 mm and a Y axis with a stroke of 300 mm. The steel they are made of gives rigidity and stability during movements and makes it possible to obtain accurate and clean laser engravings.
To facilitate installation, the machine was built in two blocks that can be completely separated: this facilitates both transport and installation.

The doors for the entrance and exit of the components open pneumatically and are connected to a programmable logic controller (PLC) that handles their automation, thus guaranteeing total safetyduring the marking process.

High flexibility to meet every requirement

the FlyLine laser marker has great flexibility: customized solutions can be designed to meet the different requirements, adding one or more accessories:
– vision systems for recognising the article
– telecamera for controlling the quality of the code marked
– integration with the line management system
– robot interface

Everything is made to fit in with the existing production lines, with non-invasive equipment and systems. In the case of laser engraving on automotive components there are multiple applications.
However, for marking small articles the option is the TTL (Through The Lens) system, which enables centring of the article with extreme precision.


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  Publication date: 10/04/2017