What is the Preview?

The Preview is a tool which displays on the marking area where the marking process will be accomplished, so consequently it shows where to place the parts to be marked. The marking system uses a low power infrared laser (class II laser) which is not dangerous in order to show the drawing to be marked.

Preview Properties

Il Preview is displayed as a default for each new drawing in the jobs’ tree on the left, as shown in the picture below.

The Preview can be employed to draw lines, rectangles, polylines, polygons, squares, circles. You can select each one of these forms from the Draw bar (see picture below) which is on the top the page.

NB When FlyCad is launched for the first time, the Draw bar is situated vertically on the right side of the page. It can be moved and put where it can be more useful.

To learn more about FlyCad toolbars please see the video you may find here

Once you have selected the Preview from the jobs’ tree, a window with three buttons will be displayed. If you click on the first one you will see the Preview properties, as shown in the picture below.

The first property allows for enabling/disabling the selected object by clicking either on TRUE or FALSE. Once disabled, the object disappears from the CAD drawing place but it will be saved in the job tree and it could be used in a second time

The second property locks/unlocks the object (to modify a locked object you must unlock it). Once you lock an object, it will be always visible on the CAD drawing plan but it could not be selected and all actions will not interfere with its position nor with its characteristics

The third property allows for changing the color of the displayed objects

The last property permits to set the automatic preview, which means enabling it every time a new drawing is loaded

Preview has another important function: “Shape preview”. Each object we have drawn, from the simplest drawings to texts, images or complex DataMatrix, can be displayed directly on the part to be marked, exactly as it is, without any containing line.
Such a function is useful when it comes to mark complex geometries composed by more elements because you can see the object directly on the part and consider the disposition of its composite elements.
Once you have created and loaded the drawing clicking on the semaphore icon, you just need to right click on the object and select “Shape preview”.

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